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Tenant Information

We want our tenants to feel at home at Penn Place Apartments, so we work hard to provide convenient billing and numerous on-site amenities to improve our tenants' quality of life. Read more about tenant services below, or contact us if you have questions!

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General Rules & Guidelines

We work hard to maintain a true community at Penn Place Apartments, and like any community, we have a few rules and guidelines we ask our tenants to follow to respect the other tenants and the property for the benefit of all. Download our Rules & Guidelines here, and Contact Us if you have any questions.

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How to Apply to Become a Tenant

If you are interested in applying to become a tenant at Penn Place Apartments, we recommend that you contact us by phone to make sure we have availability for the size and type of unit you're looking for. Once we've covered a few basic questions with you, the next step is to fill out an application. You can do this at the office or you can contact us to receive the application via email. This helps us gather all the necessary information we need to take excellent care of you as a tenant!

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Great Room & Event Space

Some people think that living in an apartment means you can't host family events or parties, but at Penn Place, we don't want you to miss out on anything! We've got a beautiful Great Room space that is available for tenants to reserve for special events, showers, family dinners, or whatever you might need. It's climate-controlled and has its own kitchenette for easy serving and clean-up. This space remains securely locked and is available only to our tenants with a special key. Download a Rental Agreement or Contact Us with as much notice as possible.

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Office Building & Mailbox Access

We have full-time property management staff that work in a beautiful office building on-site. This is the same building that contains our Great Room and indoor mailboxes, keeping you out of the weather as much as possible. It's also convenient for tenants that need to receive larger packages.

Signing Check

Paying Rent

Rent is due by the first of the month (by check or money order) to our office. We provide a secure drop-off location in the case that the office is closed. We can also accept credit cards with a 4% processing fee; a $35 returned check fee will be charged for any bounced checks.

Golden Retriever

Pet Policies

We are pleased to offer some pet-friendly units at Penn Place Apartments for small and medium-sized animals under 40 pounds. There is a nonrefundable pet fee of $175 paid before the pet moves in and a $25 monthly rental fee for each pet. Please read our Pet Rules for complete details.

Storm Clouds

Inclement Weather

In the event of a weather event, such as a tornado warning, Penn Place Apartments has four storm shelters conveniently located for tenant access. These are available at any time for use by our tenants or members of the Anthony community. We ask that our tenants help keep these in the condition they find them so the shelters will be ready to go at all times. Anthony also has community storm shelter available at the hospital, at Municipal Hall, and at Prairie Rose Funeral Home.

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Life in Anthony, Kansas

We are thrilled that you are choosing to enjoy life with us in peaceful Anthony, Kansas. It is truly a community that watches out for one another, and we want to help make your transition to Penn Place Apartments as smooth as possible. Check out our Community Page for details on local grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment.

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